We are very excited to announce that United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a utility patent for our fishing rod roof rack! The issuance of this patent is a major milestone for our young organization and another step in the development of our brand and protecting our intellectual property!

PATENT is the exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years.

The Grant of this patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation and dedication being carried out by our team here at GearRAK!

A two piece fishing rod storage assembly, especially designed to be mounted on an automobile roof rack, is provided. The rear assembly is installed on the rear roof rack crossbar and the front assembly is installed on the front roof rack crossbar. The rear assembly is comprised of a plurality of hollow tube sections connected to each other, running parallel to each other, and longitudinally with the automobile. In the rear of and spanning the inside of the hollow tube sections are a gimbal attached rod to prevent rotation of the fishing rod while in the rack. The front assembly is an “alligator style” horizontal clamping apparatus which clamps around the midsection or tip of a fishing rod and locks closed to prevent theft.

At GearRAK, we want you to have functional and innovative products followed with highest quality standards . Securing this Patent for our Rod transportation system ensures the uniqueness of our product on the market! Our dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction will continue!