*NEW MODEL* "The Up-right Rod Transportation System" - GearRAK

*NEW MODEL* “The Up-right Rod Transportation System”

We are super excited to be introducing a great new model to our Fishing rod transportation system!

This model is the “Up-Right” fishing rod transportation system. This model is designed to have the reels fixed in a upward position – away from the roof of the vehicle as oppose to the original low profile model where the reels are designed to hang down and be closer to the roof of the vehicle.

The Up-right rod transportation system is similar in design and function to the original low profile rack. The rod holder tubes have been re-designed to accommodate different types of fishing reels and keep them locked in ups-right position! We also have added locking rings to ensure the rods are not shifting in any direction during travel. This ensures safety and security.

The new model is available for pre-order and scheduled to start shipping in April of 2020. Pre-order yours now to get it before the 2020 fishing season starts!